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Bedford Park Renovation

Bright, spacious, modern minimalism.

This 20 year old home was in need of remodeling and renovations when the Super Seven team came across it. Keeping within the client's budget and time frame, the project was executed in a way that allowed the homeowners the convenience to live in their home during the renovation process.

This bright and spacious design draws attention to the grand focal point of the design, the staircase that you see right when you walk into the home. Working collaboratively with the client, Super Seven redesigned and remodeled the staircase with glass railings to elevate and open up the new space beautifully.

The large windows, natural lighting and large, white porcelain slabs draw the eye to the beautiful clean lines and enhanced modern elements in the powder room and kitchen. Pops of colour from the artwork displayed throughout the home bring further warmth and a sense of character to the decor.

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